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EuroVision timber and aluminium Windows and Doors

EuroVision offers an excellent range of elegant quality sliding windows and doors to meet the needs of any home or building project. All EuroVision timber and aluminium profiles have been developed to work seamlessly together, delivering you and your designer many different design options.

Below is information on EuroVision's Sliding Windows and Doors. You will find more information about our products in the menu on the right hand side of this page.

Beautiful window and door designs

EuroVision's Sliding Door technology:

From the same European designers of our turn/tilt hardware comes the latest in sliding door technology.

EuroVision once again leads the way in this combination joinery technology in New Zealand. And, we can supply two options:

  • Tilt and Slide doors
  • Lift and Slide doors NEW

Tilt and Slide Doors

Operating in a similar manner to the turn/tilt hardware, the tilt & slide door is locked when the handle is in the vertical position, tilted when the handle is turned down, and then opened to slide when the handle is turned all the way to the bottom.

This operation makes the doors easy to open and close, meaning anyone and everyone can use them. With running gear top and bottom, the system is smooth and easy to use and maintain.

What are some of the key benefits of the Tilt and Sliding Door system?

  • Excellent ventilation with tilt function - just like the turn/tilt hardware, you can tilt your sliding door to ventilate your room, with the knowledge that your home is still secure.
  • Quality sliding hardware makes door opening a breeze - fully adjustable to suit your home, the unique hardware design means that it can be adjusted to make operation as easy as possible.
  • Triple rubber seals prevent air and water leaks - using exactly the same profiles throughout the entire EuroVision range means that the benefits of triple rubber seals and double glazing units are enjoyed in all our products.
  • Large openings are possible - doors can be made up to 2400mm high and 1640mm wide in a single unit. Add to this the ability to double up with two sliding doors together and you have a wide clear opening!

If you would like to see this type of tilt and slide door in action, go to our movie selecion on the Downloads page.

lift and slide doors at eurovision

Lift and Slide Doors

This new door was introduced into our range for several reasons. The lift and slide door has a much lower threshold, and can be made to span wider areas than the tlit sliding doors, and capable of carrying up to 300kg in weight. It also has a stacking door option.

Want to find out more about our lift and slide doors? Check out our Lift and Slide Door page for more details.

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We would like to express our complete satisfaction with the service you have provided in supplying the Eurovision windows for our home. We have lived with these windows now for over 5 months and simply love how they work... [more...]

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