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Ready to use windows and doors
Ready to use windows and doors
High-end solid-timber joinery and some other composite joinery systems still require work once they are delivered to site. Timber needs oiling or painting, handles need to be installed and sometimes hinges need to be fitted.
The EuroVision system is delivered with all these in place! The hardware is made-to-measure and installed by trained experts in the factory. Handles are predrilled and installed as well. Even the glazing is done—meaning, your builder simply has to lift the window into the opening on site, and fix it in the normal manner. No oiling, painting or staining is required, this is all done ex-factory. This is truly a complete, ready-to-install-and-use system. You and your builder will love the convenience!
Internal opening doors and windows
Windows and doors that open internally
Turn/Tilt windows and doors can be installed to open 180° inside the house. This means they are flat against the inside walls, giving unobstructed views and access through the openings*. It also means that those upstairs windows are easier to clean. Simply open the window and clean from inside your house! No more expensive window cleaning bills or nasty ladder accidents!
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Turn/Tilt Windows and Doors
The wonder of Turn/Tilt
As a New Zealand first in composite joinery, EuroVision is proud to be able to offer you this unique opening system. Doors and windows can now be operated in two ways, giving you flexibility in your design and operation of your home. See our Turn/Tilt page for more details on this incredible hardware. You have to seeit to believe it, but believe us when we say that you will be amazed!
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High security comes with EuroVision windows and doors
The hardware that EuroVision windows and doors use has an incredible amount of security built in, even in the most "basic" version.
With 4 levels of specification, we believe even the most security-conscious homeowner will be catered for. Even when you leave home with your doors tilted for ventilation, your home is still safe and secure.
  • Hardware is fitted to the sash to allow the tilting function, and for window locking.
  • All windows or doors lock at least in two places.
  • Locking points increase as sash size increases
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Timber interior - Aluminium exterior
Virsatile and practical—replacement seals
It is predominantly a wooden door or window
The Aluminium exterior is an external "veneer" only, yet providing all the benefits that are well-known.
Well designed thermal break between the timber and aluminium ensures heat transfer is kept to a minimum. See below under Thermal Bridging for further comment on this.
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Replaceable Seals
Virsatile and practical—replacement seals
Unique to the EuroVision window and door are the many rubber seals that prevent water and air penetration. As many as five different seals work to keep moisture and air out, helping seal your home. Even if it begins to rain while you are away from home and you have left your windows and doors tilted, you can be assured that these seals are working to keep the water out**. Not only that, but if they are damaged over time, they can quickly and easily be replaced, making EuroVision joinery an excellent long-term investment.
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Thermal Bridging
Thermal bridging
Heat transfer through the timber and aluminium is kept to a minimum. Knowing the different heat-transfer properties of the aluminium and the timber, the EuroVision system uses specially designed clips to hold the two components together. This means that valuable heat generated in the winter is not lost through the window or door frame. Likewise, the burning summer sun doesn't enter the room through the frame in the summer. This means that EuroVision windows and doors are an excellent energy and cost efficient product.
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Timber Joints
Thermal bridging
Timber joints are each held together with
  • Dowels
  • Dovetails
  • Glue
This results in extra strength in the frame.
Aluminium Joints
Thermal bridging
Aluminium joints are held together tightly, and kept flush by cast gussets.
Joint sealers are used, and silicon used as a backing.

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We would like to express our complete satisfaction with the service you have provided in supplying the Eurovision windows for our home. We have lived with these windows now for over 5 months and simply love how they work... [more...]

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