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EuroVision offers an excellent range of elegant quality windows and doors to meet the needs of any home or building project. All EuroVision timber and aluminium profiles have been developed to work seamlessly together, delivering you and your designer many different design options.

Below is information on EuroVision's unique Turn / Tilt Door and Windows. You will find more information about our products in the menu on the right hand side of this page.

Turn - Tilt (turn/tilt) door closed Turn - Tilt (turn/tilt) door turned (open) Turn - Tilt (turn/tilt) door tilted

Turn / Tilt technology:

EuroVision brings you the unique Turn/Tilt window and door.

This hardware, used extensively throughout Europe, is called "turn/tilt" after its unique opening ability. It is a stylish and cost effective way of including ventilation and a standard opening system into one opening, for either a door or a window.

This intuitive system uses specially-designed, high quality German hardware which allows the sash to hinge from either the side or the bottom.

  • With the handle in the bottom position, the sash is locked in several places.
  • Turn the handle 90° and the sash hinges from the side, allowing you to use it in a normal manner.
  • Close the sash and then turn the handle a further 90° to the top and the sash can then be tilted for ventilation.

What this means for you, the homeowner, is a more economical use of your openings. No longer do you have to have a door with an awning window on the side for ventilation; this can be replaced by a EuroVision door which provides both ventilation and access all in one unit, leaving the rest of the wall area free for fixed glass panels or more wall space, you choose!

In true European style, all EuroVision windows and doors open internally as well, a benefit you will quickly see the advantages in using! It certainly makes those upstairs windows easier to clean - simply open them inside the room and clean as you normally would!

What are some of the key benefits of the Turn/Tilt system?

The turn/tilt system has many advantages:

  • Highly secure when tilted for ventilation - your windows and doors are still locked in several places even when they are tilted.
  • Ventilation AND normal opening in one window - economical use of space and design means more opportunities to either gain valuable wall space or simply have more fixed glass panels for your views.
  • All windows and doors are internal opening - this means they are safe around decks, balconies and patios as they fold back 180° against the internal walls.*
  • Triple rubber seals prevent air and water leaks ensuring true weathertightness!
  • Numerous locking points available around the entire sash - the special German hardware is unique in its large quantity of locking points that come as standard. See the Hardware section for more details.
  • Tilting from the bottom is great for ventilation - because the doors are open at the top, this means that hot air trapped at ceiling height is quickly drawn out the building through the tilted doors, without created a draught at floor level.

Consider all these points and then consider the EuroVision window and door system, your opportunity to bring some European flair and design into your home!

*This requires that the windows and doors be installed flush with the inside linings and recessed from the outside. Other options are available.

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