Benefits of using the EuroVision system...

EuroVision timber and aluminium Windows and Doors

EuroVision offers an excellent range of elegant quality windows and doors to meet the needs of any home or building project. All EuroVision timber and aluminium profiles have been developed to work seamlessly together, delivering you and your designer many different design options.

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Benefits of using EuroVision windows and doors

The benefits of using the EuroVision window and door system are numerous! Consider the following...

Greater Insulation & Warmth - comfort, warmth, and cost saving

  • Frame design which includes a thermal break, and timber has reduced heat loss through the windows and door frames.
  • When combined with 24mm double glazing, the result is a very well rated window for reducing heat loss, and the house stays warm.
  • Hence heat is retained inside. In times of energy shortages, and high heating costs, energy efficiency is becoming a high priority
  • A thermal break also greatly reduces the tendency for condensation forming on the inside of window frames, keeping the house warmer and drier.

Low Maintenance - Reduced future costs

  • Aluminium provides protection of the timber against the weather, and greatly reduces the cost of maintaining the good looks of the windows (as compared with timber windows). There is no regular painting, staining or oiling of the exterior of the windows.
  • Timber on the inside is provided with a protective finish, which when combined with design to greatly reduce moisture from condenstaion on the window, ensures the longevity of the timber finish on the inside also.
  • Quality hardware used to ensure windows continue to operate as intended.
  • Strong construction design, and profiles reduce the potential for damage of the window or door in the future.

Visual Appeal - Added Value

  • Warm and natural look of timber on the inside adds value to the home. Profile of the timber provides a more traditional wooden window look and the range of veneers allows this to be coordinated with other timber in the home.
  • Aluminium profile is minimised, so it cannot be seen from the inside, but still provides enduring looks for the exterior of the dwelling.

Supplied Completely Finished - Cost saving

  • Windows supplied with timber finished, and all hardware. No need for further building cost after windows fitted for painting or staining, purchase of handles or fitting of handles or locks by the builder, as is normally required with wooden windows, the reveals of aluminium windows, or the timber on the inside of other combination timber/aluminium joinery available in N.Z
  • Windows can be fitted so no additional internal reveal of architraves required.

Added Functionality - improved home comfort

  • Ability to tilt, as well as turn the sash to open a window provides an option to improve air flow to the top of your room and reduces drafts at your feet. When tilted the window is also still secured against entry by an intruder.
  • Internal opening makes windows easy to clean, particularly for upstairs windows.
  • Internal opening means no windows catching wind outside, or intruding onto outdoor walkways, patios or decks.
  • Option to key lock upper storey windows to restrict opening to tilt only, may be an alternative to additional stays.
  • With doors, (casement, sliding and some bifold panels) having the ability to tilt also, reduces need for as many other openings, reducing the cluttered look of some windows, and improving the view through he window.

Increased Security

  • Frame and sash profiles are designed for strength, and reduce the potential for breakage to allow entry to your home by intruders. Toughened or laminated glass can also be used.
  • Tilting function keeps the window locked shut, but still provides air flow to the home when required.
  • Locking points around the frame increase as the opening size increases, to protect against the window or door being forced open.
  • Increased security can be provided on request, via key locking of handles, or internal locks for doors/windows.

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We would like to express our complete satisfaction with the service you have provided in supplying the Eurovision windows for our home. We have lived with these windows now for over 5 months and simply love how they work... [more...]

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